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Mini switch ISABEL 1000plus


ISABEL 1000plus is a modular designed 6 port switch for fast- and gigabit-ethernet. Normally, one port in the cable duct is connected to the server via fiber optic or copper cable. Any kind of IP equipment can be connected to the four RJ45 outlets on the front panel. For example: VOIP telephones, PCs, laptops.

ISABEL is available with integrated management and delivers „power-over-ethernet" (PoE) to the four RJ45 outlets. Furthermore, there is one extension port inside the cable duct for cascading the next ISABEL 1000plus.

Designed for „fiber to the office" (FTTO) structures, ISABEL 1000plus has very low energy consumption and is designed for all modern cable duct systems in office surroundings.

Three different mechanical versions are available:

  1. For horizontal mounting: ISABEL 1000plus K-H
  2. For vertical mounting: ISABEL 1000plus K-V
  3. For underfloor mounting: ISABEL 1000plus U-V



CBL has produced this product family since 1991. A lot of different versions have been created. Nearly 100 % of the production was sold within Germany. For that reason the documentation is not available in english. If you see any application, please don't hesitate to contact our office: or +49 6071 3030.