CBL GmbH - Gesellschaft für optische Kommunikationssysteme mbH

From the beginning until today

Since 1987 Dr.-Ing. Hermann Lentke and Dipl.-Ing. Matthias Paiska were engaged in an engineering company. They solved various tasks in the sector of optical data transmission. At the beginning of 1991 CBL - Communication by light was founded as a limited company.

From the early years until today our company has become a well-known supplier of wireless solutions for private networks in Germany. Today we offer free space optics (FSO) as well as microwave radios in regulated frequency ranges.

Furthermore we develop, produce and sell active components for in-house cabling systems as well as time and wavelength division multiplexers. A number of these products is developed and produced exclusively for OEM customers.

More than three quarters of our turnover is obtained with proprietary developments. These are complemeted with a few external products and an extensive range of services.