AirLaser IP1000plus

Starting in 1991, CBL developed and produced free space optic systems. AirLaser IP100 and AirLaser IP1000 have been in production since 2001 with many improvements. CBL launched in summer 2011 the next generation: AirLaser IP1000plus.

Specially optimized for (Gigabit-Ethernet) GbE-transmission over distances of 100 alt. 800 meters. Four powerful VCSEL-Lasers are the transmitter. With a high output power of 10 mW each and a big aperture they are still classified to  laserclass 1M and therefore the system is eyesafe. Together with an optical dynamic of up to 40 dB the AirLaser IP1000plus has a big systembudget for foul weather.

Only one single CAT5e-cable is enough for the connection of the AirLaser to both networks and power supply. The connector at the AirLaser terminal is made for outdoor operation and it is waterproof, of course. Fiber optic connection is optional via 1000BaseSX/LX.

A brand new feature is an additional build in RJ45-Port (GbE) with PoE. At this port, an external backup-systems can be connected. This backup will ensure the data connection during extreme weather conditions if the infrared link is interrupted. An integrated GbE-switch together with a high performance network processor makes the automatic switchover and back within fractions of a second. Anyway the connection will not break down independent to weather.

  • Free space optic system optimized for full duplex Gigabit-Ethernet (GbE) with 1.000 MBit/s data throughput.
  • Distances: Up to 100 meter, 100...800 meter.
  • Backup-connector with PoE for external backup with automatic intelligent switch over, controlled by the internal GbE-switch.
  • Weatherindependent permanent link.
  • Connection via 10/100/1000BaseT-Port with PoE, optional via fiber.
  • In-band-management with Web-Browser.
  • Multibeam technology, eyesafe, laserclass 1M.
  • Highefficient 2 step front screen heater.
  • All TP-ports with integrated overload protection.

AirLaser Livedemo

For test purposes a 560 m long test hop is available. The link is combined with an external 300 Mbps microwave backup. This is a real szenario installed at different customers. Test the "look and feel" of the management and the handling of the AirLaser IP1000plus.

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Webcam test hop