Highlights in CBL's history

Since the foundation in 1991, CBL has achieved a couple of highlights and milestones in the sector of wireless optical communication and fiber optic products:

April 2019
CBL-Link 10G trnsmitts up to 10 Gbps.

August 2016
AirLink series now transmitts up to 2.5 Gpbs.

April 2015
1 Gbps version of AirLink is available.

September 2014
CBL-Link IP-Series now transitts up to 1.200 Mbps fullduplex.

August 2011
Replacement of AirLaser IP100 and IP1000 series by AirLaser IP1000plus.

20 years of CBL GmbH.

Taking over of DAFUER GmbH, development, production and sales of inhouse cabling system ISABEL, SUSI and LENA.

AirLink: Microwave radio in the 59 GHz band.

Microwave radios for datarates up to 600 Mbps.

CBL-Link ET series upgradeable microwave radio.

CeBit 2004
FLE 2700 "Anyspeed" - optical multiservice transponder card for datarates up to 2700 Mbps.

CeBit 2003
AirLaser IP1000 - free space optic system for Gigabit Ethernet up to 800 meters.

FiberMultiplier family - modular wavelength multiplexer with individual interfaces and 2,4 or 8 channels.

Systems 2001
FiberMultiplier for transmission of up to 8 times 1250 Mbps over one fiber.

CeBit 2001
Presentation of the AirLaser concept. Wireless optical link with built in spread spectrum system for backup.

LaserLink 4E1 for connections of nodes and microcells in GSM/UMTS networks.

Wireless local loop system for GSM networks.

CBL introduces its manageable fiber optic system with bandwidth up to 1250 Mbps. It provides the user with a SNMP, web-based or serial interface for the management application.

Installation of the 500th wireless optical link.

 Voice/data multiplexers for a better utilization of optical wireless links.

 CeBit 1997
Free space optics with 622 Mbps.

Introduction of the WDM2-system „Fiber Doubler“ for LAN-Applications.

Fiber Converter for a protocol transparent data transmission up to 50 Mbps.

CeBit 1992
First presentation of the Laser-Link 2000 for a maximum distance of 2000 meters.

Systems 1991
Introduction of the LED-Link 300 in Munich.

CeBIT 1990
Presentation of a wireless optical link for distances up to 2000 meters.