Products and services

Wireless solutions for private networks, consisting of planning, development, delivery, installation and maintenance of free space optics (FSO).
Fiberoptic infrastructure systems, specially Mini-Switches "ISABEL"-series for cable duct systems.
Development and production of OEM products.


First of all our main aim is to satisfy the needs of our customers. A short-term selling success does not count so much, because we know, that our customers are looking for a reliable long-term partnership.

The abilities, wishes and needs of our employees have a high priotity in our company. Without creativity, motivation and commitment it's not possible to act efficiently.

To secure continuous success and permanent innovations investments are essential. The fundament for this success is a solid economical structure. For this a reasonable equity capital as well as an adequate operating margin is necessary.

As a matter of course we treat our customers, distributors and suppliers fair. We strive for long lasting cooperation instead of making one-off business.

Basic data

  • Turnover last fiscal year around 1,5 Mio Euros.
  • Over 15 employees, therefrom 6 technicians and 4 engineers.
  • Participation at CBL s.r.o., Pardubice, Czech Republic
  • Total assets around 6 Mio Euros.
  • Company owned real estate with 1.700 sqm floor space.
  • Excellent rating at Bürgel under 000927235 and at Dun & Bradstreet Deutschland under 34-284-4008.