Laser Link for PDH - LaserLink 4E1

Perfect suited for E1-transmission (2,048 Mbit/s) is the LaserLink 4E1. Up to four independent S2m/E1-signals can be connected via copper cable. Four LED generate a transmitting aperture of 4 x 60 mm in diameter. For that reason the link is very robust against snow, rain and crossing birds.


LaserLink 4E1 is suited for connection of microcells or base stations in GMS / UMTS networks.

SNMP/web-based out-band-management is available via IP (Ethernet 10/100BT) access:

  • Permanent supervision and configuration,
  • email-alarming,
  • long time analysis of the hop,
  • simple integration in existing SNMP-NMS like HP OpenView via MIB, supporting RFC1213 and SNMPv1/2.

    Technical data LaserLink 4E1

    Bandwidth 4 x E1 = 4 x 2.048 Mbit/s
    Interface G.703
    Connector Sub-D25, 120 Ohm
    Recommended distance   50 .. 2000 Meter, depending on climate
    Optical budget at 800 m: 29 dB
    Maximum attenuation at 800 m 36 dB/km
    Theoretical distance at 10 dB/km atmosph. attenuation 2.100 m
    and at 30 dB/km 900 m
    Minimum line of sight at hop distance 470 m at 800 m

    Quality of service (QOS)

    G.821/826 bit error rate 10E-8 (unfaded)
    Delay per terminal 8 µsec


    Multi beam-technology 4 x IR-LED
    Wavelength 860 +/- 10 nm
    Outgoing power 4 x 20 mW (eq +19 dBm)
    Aperture 4 x 60 mm diameter
    Transmitting area 113 cm²
    Divergence 10 mrad
    Laserclass 1M, eye-safe


    Diameter 257 mm
    Receiving area 520 cm²
    Acceptance angle 5 mrad
    Typ  Si-PIN-TIA
    Sensitivity   +3 .. -45 dBm optical (BER 10E-6)
    Dynamic range 48 dB optical
    Dry alarm contacts yes