AirLaser IP1000plus


Each AirLaser IP1000plus terminal has two 10/100/1000BT-ports, TP1 and TP2. TP1 is for data and power connection from the power supply unit. TP2 is designed for connection of an external backup. Powered following 802.3af standard up to 20 W, this port offers very simple connection. CBL recommends to use a backup beyond 120 meters. Then a data link will be always available, independent to actual weather.  The backup overtakes the data transmission if the infrared link of the AirLaser is interrupted.

In combination of AirLaser IP1000plus together with a fiber optic cable, CBL recommends the "load-sharing-modus". Then TP2 is used for connecting the management of the AirLaser (out band management). An external backup is not necessary in this configuration.