Is the light of lasers dangerous?

All FSO systems of CBL are classified to laser class 1m. Therefore, they are eye-safe.

What happens if birds cross the beam?

Due to big outgoing beam diameter and using multi-beam technology, the probability of interruption by birds is extremely low. Nevertheless, if any interruption happens, the IP protocol determines re-transmission.

How safe are the data against interception?

All kind of FSO offers very high protection against interception. The beam is invisible and sharp focused. Any tapping will reduce the receiving signal level. An alarm can be set easily.

Furthermore, the beam runs from roof to roof and can be watched by a camera.

What influence does the weather have?

All AirLasers and Laser-Links span the line of sight. Rain, snow, haze or fog reduce the line of sight. When the hop length is relevant longer the actual line of sight, an interruption can happen.

In this case, AirLaser switches to the integrated backup.

Is it possible to install the Laser behind a window?

Yes, ask the CBL team for details.

Is there any kind of maintenance necessary?

FSO is maintenance free. Depending on the dust in the air, it can be helpful to clean the front screen windows once a year.

Do I need any permission or fees?

In the most countries, FSO is complete free. Only the owner of the building where the terminals are mounted on should be asked.

Has sunlight any influence?

In some special cases when the link is orientated in east-west-direction, sun can blind the receiver for several minutes. Better mounting place reduce that risk.